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Learn to Draw | Art Projects for Kids

Our free resource art site,, features the biographies of our major artists, along with a collection of printable resources and lesson ideas that make learning fun!

The following collection of resources are designed to help students learn basic drawing skills with proven, and sometimes science-based techniques.


Drawing Contours
The following lessons were created to help the young art students discover and develop the special abilities of the right brain. The side of the brain that is 'right for drawing.'

Lesson 1: Optical Illusion Vase
Lesson 2: Fraggle Monster Vase
Lesson 3: Picasso's The Dog
Lesson 4: Picasso's The Butterfly
Lesson 5: Matisse's La Pompadour
Lesson 6: Soda Pop Straws
Lesson 7: Does Negative Space Have a Shape?
Lesson 8: Pure Contour Drawing
Lesson 9: Draw a Face
Lesson 10: Draw Johann Sebastian Bach

Construction Drawing
Learn how to draw everything with just a few basic shapes.

Lesson 1: The Basic Shapes of Everything

Perspective Drawing
Learn the basics about how to draw three-dimensional stuff on two-dimensional paper.

Lesson 1: Bigger and Smaller
Lesson 2: One-Point Perspective
Lesson 3: Two-Point Perspective

Colored Pencils
Learn basic techniques with the following colored pencil lessons.

10 Tippy Top Colored Pencils Tips for Beginners
Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners
5 Tips for Blending Colored Pencils

Drawing Terms
Learn and drill drawing terms with this free printable worksheet.

Drawing Terms | Word Search Worksheet


The following free printable drawing projects are designed to appeal to the funny side of the brain. Following a step-by-step approach, you'll learn basic drawing techniques as you draw three characters that are sure to make you giggle!

Retro Robot | "Learn to Draw" Project
Spring Fairy | "Learn to Draw" Project
Penguin | "Learn to Draw" Project

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