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Subjects Taught
Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone

Ages 5 and Up

Beginners through Advanced

In-Studio and In-Home

Contact Info
Contact Andy Fling at (623) 876-4046 for more
information about in-home and in-studio lessons.

About Me
Hi, my name is Andy Fling. I'm a private music teacher in Arizona's East/West Valley (Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, Surprise), and the owner/teacher of elementary education sites and I'm a graduate of ASU with a Bachelors Degree in Music Theory and Composition, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certification in K-12 Music Education. In 1992 I started teaching music at a small Christian school, and an excitement for teaching kids and music education began. After offering instruction to thousands of elementary aged kids in Christian and Public Schools, and as a private music teacher, my excitement for teaching music to kids is stronger than ever. I currently offer instruction to a studio full of private music students, offers weekly classes to homeschooling families, and shares the fun though my websites. My wife, Tricia, and I share a love for Christ, and attend Calvary Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lesson Details
Each child is recognized as an individual. I strive to understand what they are passionate about and design lesson plans that will help them to grow as musicians. I present lessons that challenge each student, while insuring success. I believe that when a student chooses a musical instrument, they are hopeful for a positive, fun-filled experience. A private lesson teacher plays an important part in directing that experience. Finding out how to interest a student and keep them interested, playing, growing, and having fun is my goal.

Music Books
Music books will be recommended as needed. As a service to parents, I will purchase all the books your child will need (reimbursement requested), or recommend books that can be purchased online and shipped to your home.

Students will be offered the opportunity to participate in music recitals.

"I contacted Wave Music almost two months ago to inquire about music lessons. Two of my children have studied piano before and my oldest son, Shane, is new to music. Dakota and Laurel have struggled in the past to enjoy piano lessons and often expressed their desire to quit. Our experience with our new music teacher has been a very positive one. I don't hear complaints anymore. In fact Laurel recently told me that Wednesday is her favorite day. That's the day her piano teacher comes." Natalie

"My children have learned more from you than they have from any other music teacher." Annette

Contact Info
Contact Andy Fling at (623) 876-4046 for more
information about in-home and in-studio lessons.

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